The only animal

animalMan, meaning mankind, that is to say, humans in general, including both men and women, is the only animal that will trip over the same stone twice. However, I myself am one step ahead; I have a winning nature.

Imagine me riding my bike to attend my Pilates class. The university sports center is not more than ten minutes away from home. I know the route perfectly well, so many times I have taken it, It is an area very familiar to me: I live, work and shop here. I feel most comfortable in this neighborhood.animal

animalDay ONE: I ride my bike on the pavement, being aware of pedestrians. I ride slowly, trying not to bother them. A sudden impact of the front wheel against a huge stone makes my bike stop cold in its tracks. The force of the impact throws me into the air and I land hard on the pavement. This damned rock has caused the accident. I stand up, bruised from head to toe, and I stare at the rock in awe: someone has put this stone to cover up a big hole in a catch basin in the middle of the sidewalk. No warning sign for the protection of the unwary passers-by. A perfect camouflage, an ideal trap. I guess the stone is the lesser of two evils. My fate had been much worse if I my foot or my wheel had been caught in this urban crater.animal

Day TWO: I am riding down the street, happy and carefree, heading in the direction of the sports center. I am thinking of my own affairs, as usual. I have completely forgotten the stone, even though every bone in my body aches from the fall of the day before. CRASH! I fall down on the sidewalk again. I have tripped over the same stone twice. It seems funny, but it is food for thought. I get very angry and start ranting and raving. I insult, cry out to the heavens, massage my lumbar bones, try to move the stone, take a selfie with the stone, climb up on it, stomp my feet, doodle with a red pen on it, spit on it, spread it with dog poop, strike it hard with my anti-theft lock trying to split it, cover it with a plastic bag that smells strongly of sardines, yell, cough and eventually I go.animal

Day THREE: I head for the sports center, pedaling my bike. I always take this same route; I never change. I am such a creature of habit, such an animal! BANG! My dear old friend, THE STONE. It remains still in the same place, unchanged. Once we have let go of old grievances, it has made me trip over again and fall down. It has a special affection for me. Love at first sight. Not mine, of course, its own. Its sight is much better than mine. Its rocky sight has gone one step further, locating my whereabouts, drawing me to its singing as if I was a sailor listening to a siren. I have tripped over the same stone three times. I can’t believe it! I have just set a record: I have beaten the entire humanity without any effort being made. animal

I am the only animal that trips over the same damned stone three times!



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