The annoying habit of constantly asking God or the lottery for things (instead of working hard to improve your life)

Most people (except me) are on the lookout for the Christmas lottery since August. We have no sooner put on our bikinis and pamela hats when we are offered the opportunity to buy these longed-for shares in Christmas lottery tickets.lottery

In my real job (the one that pays my mortgage) everybody rushes wildly to get some, as if they were manna from Heaven. It is the only time of year that I, who could not care less about fate, buy a tenth-share in a lottery ticket (Spanish lottery, I mean). I’m forced to do it, somehow. I don’t want to attract too much attention. Those who don’t buy shares in the lottery are immediately branded weirdos (this is what a lot of people tend to think). Experience has taught me that is safer to keep a low profile. Being different from the rest is not worthwhile. I don’t want to be an easy target. Let’s them think I am normal. Besides, as they practically put the shares under my nose, I can see the number on them and don’t want to be the only one without a prize, in the hypothetical case of them winning the lottery. But it is always other people who win, not you. And so you will have lost the money you spent on the lottery, instead of spending it on something more tangible and profitable.lottery

The habit of always asking for things from God or fate or no matter which external supernatural force that magically will solve our problems, really gets on my nerves. You want everything, but for free of course, without any effort or sacrifices on our part. It is hard to set up lifetime goals and formulate and action plan, working hard to achieve them. It takes time, efforts, patience and perseverance.lottery

I wish I were a millionaire. Please, God, let me win the lottery. Mirror, mirror, you are so wise. Do you think I’ll win a prize? The law of minimum effort. I’ll do anything but work hard to fulfill my ambitions.lottery I want to get everything I want in life without lifting a finger. Come on, go ahead and look for lucky guys! Behind their good luck you will rarely find a winning lottery prize. On the contrary, you will find a lot of effort, self-confidence and smart use of their time and energy.

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