The vintage clothing frenzy

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Some years ago I took to buying tons of second-hand clothes and accessories of previous decades on eBay, some of them authentic, most imitations. Thus, I enriched my wardrobe with a kaleidoscope of rubbish that, after some time, ended up in the dumpsters opposite my home. A cute gallery of Twiggy mod 1960s mini dresses went by my wardrobe, in psychedelic floral prints with Peter Pan collars. I used dozens of hangers for keeping my 1970s elephant- legged pants, so bell-bottomed they were that I could sweep the floor wherever I went as if I was wearing two brooms. I compulsively stored more 50s pin up dresses than the full cast of the film “Grease”, despite the fact that those puffy skirts with their voluminous cancans underneath made me difficult…
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