Silence is golden, but I had to tell you: CO-WASH IS WONDERFUL!

co-washI have no sooner written a post on my Facebook wall abhorring influencers and trying to be exactly the opposite when, here I am, writing a new post, this time on my website recommending an alternative hair washing technique. There is no truth truer than the essential truth kept in popular sayings. There is one, besides the one I include in the title of this post, that is also very popular and advise us to never say never. Some blabbermouth I am!

However, I think it is a pity not to inform my good readers of how they can get rid of that vicious circle cosmetics industry has led us into. And there are so many tall stories written on the Internet!co-wash

WARNING!: this method has worked for me, but is doesn’t mean it has to work for everyone. Different hair types have different needs, but you will lose nothing if you try it!


I have known the co-wash method for a long time, that is to say, “conditioner-only washing” (washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo). The purpose is to avoid sulfates and silicones, two ingredients that damage you hair and although apparently they seem to clean and untangle your hair, it is just a temporary illusion, a kind of mirage I can vouch for. The truth is that your hair remains “clean” barely one day and you have to wash it the following day again just to put some more “filth” into it (the entire arsenal of hair products invented to make you spend your money on).co-wash

I, Out-Of-Orbit, confess that  I am guilty of spending  indecent amounts of money on all kinds of products for my hair. Yes, I admit it: I also want to have a gorgeous mane of hair, do I not have the right? Not to speak of all those hair straightening and smoothing treatments I have gotten in different hair salons. Well, I am not so special regarding that: I just want what everybody does: a stunning mane of hair.

(I can’t make the pun I have made in Spanish, sorry).

co-washAnyway, we are never ever happy with our hair, no matter the tons of products we use. So, we keep searching for the Holy Grail of hair beauty, that Balm of Fierabras that will restore the sheen and luster of long-past days (so long-past that they are now part of some paragraph of some book on the secondary school history curriculum).

So, fed up with accumulating concoctions and wasting my money (quite the contrary, I’m saving for a car), I remembered this hair washing method and decided to put it into practice. I had already tried it BUT WENT WRONG! I used one of the hair conditioners I had without realizing that IT HAS TO BE SILICONE-FREE! That is the reason why it didn’t work for me then. But this time I did it correctly. I stopped at the supermarket downstairs and I bought a long, greenish bottle, the cheapest hair conditioner I could find: I paid just one euro something for it. I came back home and went directly to the

I did the ritual, as the norms of co-wash require: first, I combed my hair thoroughly, and drenched it with water. I used a generous amount of conditioner and massaged my scalp. After leaving it on for several minutes, I rinsed my hair very well. When I proceeded to blow-dry it I WAS FLABBERGASTED! My hair looked like a little girl’s: so healthy, with a glossy shine, very straight and bouncy, no need of expensive salon deep-conditioning treatments…REALLY AMAZING! I didn’t expect such a good result! I honestly didn’t even expect any result at all. I am so happy, so very, very happy! I have finally freed myself from so many hair servitudes. What a good amount of money I am going to save! And so much time-wasting worrying about how my hair looks! It is over

I don’t mean that I I’m never going to use shampoo again: age has made me wise and I avoid radical measures. I will find a sulfate, silicone and paraben free shampoo (I have already browsed for one in Amazon) and I will apply it on my hair, well, I don’t know, let’s say once every two weeks.

co-washAND I WANTED TO BE AN ANTI-INFLUENCER! But then, after reconsidering, I have realized that influencing somebody to make him/her try some product or service can also be positive. IT IS NOT WRONG, ISN’T IT? It is not brainwashing. It is heterodox hair washing.



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