Mr. Darcy versus Mr. Chatterbox

What does Fitzwilliam Darcy have, the male character in Jane Austen’s novel “Pride and Prejudice”, that is so attractive to some women (including me)? It’s simple: he is rich, young and handsome…AND DOESN’T TALK MUCH. These three virtues that embellish him are an irresistible Molotov cocktail for women with refined souls. Is Mr. Darcy an intelligent guy? There is not much information about this in the novel, that’s the truth, but I blindly trust Elizabeth’s good sense, so I am inclined to think he is. Darcy

A man of means is far more attractive than the same man being totally broke. This is a irrefutable fact.

Does it make any difference whether you live in a luxurious mansion, surrounded by Versailles style gardens, with a valet and servants instead of living in a 30 sqm subsidised government appartment without a view onto the street? YES, IT DOES.

Is it by any chance the same thing being courted by a hideous flabby bald guy and being courted by a young Adonis with a magnificent muscular 100% all-natural physique (we don’t want schwarzeneggers) and a handsome face? NO, IT IS NOT. And whoever says otherwise really deserves what she gets.Darcy

It is clear that all these attributes that jointly beautify the image of any man and make him stand out among a multitude of marriageable men, are nothing if they don’t go with another essential one. To really be a good catch, to have a perfect communion, it is very necessary for him not to be Mr. Chatterbox. A laconic man is the most precious treasure. A rich and handsome young parrot breaks any love spell. There is nothing worse than a Mr. Chatterbox going on forever, talking all the time about nothing in particular.Darcy

How I hate this male verbosity! The constant ramblings of those garrulous dudes drive me crazy. When I happen to meet one of those  yakety-yak Tommy guns, I would like to be Ursula the Sea Witch, to make them dumb and free the world from this torture.

So our ideal man would be a masculine patchwork with an uncounted fortune (I only accept one dollar less than Bill Gates), a spectacular physique (in the classical style of Apollo Belvedere, so far from the irritating metrosexual male) and with a natural inclination to remain silent (comparable to a hoarse trappist monk).Darcy


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