I imagine, therefore I am young

youngI, who can’t stand my body ageing, who struggle to stop the effects of time on my skin, who suffer beyond words when, from time to time, look at old pictures and see the inevitable difference between now and then… It is that same me who lives obsessed with the idea of freezing the vim and vigor of the past, who tells you that youth has really nothing to do with the wreck of time on our bodies. It is a mental state connected with imagination. There are nonagenarian babies –poor little things!- As time goes by, they not only become old dodderers, but they also have settled minds, perfectly furnished, nothing out of place. For instance, those long-term notaries. I write “long-term” because I met quite a few teenagers who, under the age of 18, had already made up their minds to dedicate the rest of their lives to notarial deeds (I have never ever been completely sure of which job would be the best fit for me).

In order to counteract this horde of brain-dead simpletons, luckily for the world and hope for its less quick extinction, there is a minority of people whose bodies grow old, yet their heads exude imagination. Brains that never rest, everything stirs their endless curiosity.young

They are always on the alert, paying attention to this and that. They take an interest in everything around them. And when I say “EVERYTHING” I really mean “EVERYTHING”, leaving nothing out.

As a member of this group, I agree with Terence ( “nothing human is alien to me”) and besides, I annotate (of my own creation) the divine and the supernatural. That is to say, EVERYTHING.

We are human sponges. We love to absorb ideas, information and experiences. Our blooming minds keep us eternally young.  For ever and ever. What kind of  botulinum toxin can do this wonder?

A few days ago, some people that I am related to by blood (INEXPLICABLY!!!! Is Mother Nature really so wise?), read the short story I wrote about the old geezer and the five-euro banknote and told me they had not understood what I was trying to convey, and asked me if I had taken it from the Bible. OH, MY GOD!!!! THIS IS EXTREMELY BAD!!! WHAT A CRUEL AND  BOTTOMLESS  ABYSS BETWEEN THOSE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE!young

I was about to go to a hospital and ask for a blood transfusion and get it replaced all at once, so I could have fresh clean blood in my body and no biological link to the aforementioned idiots anymore.young

Do you think those people have ever been young? NEVER EVER! At the age of 10 they were already old. Their heads –WHAT A PITY!- are not very capacious. I find it very difficult, not to say impossible, to deal with people belonging to this group. A table is a table and can’t be anything else. They apprehend reality in just one manner, and they can’t understand the kaleidoscopic style of looking at objects and ideas that a few of us have. Coexistence between both groups is only possible with tolerance, as understanding seems almost unfeasible.

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