I have just left all psychics in the world unemployed (in memory of my friend Francisco Javier Beltrán Guzmán)

psychicsI have this fixation of mine for googling, from time to time, the name of a friend who died very young, 25 years ago. So, I type his name into the Google search box, adding quotation marks around my query, and also the  nickname I used to call him when we were at school.

psychicsToday, I have looked him up on Facebook once more, running across a Facebook profile that has given me goosebumps. My hair still stands on my neck. That profile is the only one that matches my dead friend’s full name and surnames. The Facebook page cover photo is just a grisly black rectangle. I am shocked at the sight of it. I have never, ever seen a gloomier Facebook profile. However, I have soon realized that there are some friends displayed on the page: normal people, still alive, I suppose, whose names don’t ring any bells. Their faces even less. psychics

psychicsI am a bit disappointed. I really love the idea of my dead friend creating a Facebook account from the great beyond. It would make communication between us easier. I have never liked the Ouija board. It is a door I don’t want to open. Besides my friend, any unwanted, malevolent spirits could pass through that door. I don’t want my house to serve as an entrance for evil poltergeists that could shake my bed violently and make dishes and kitchen knives fly through the air. So, this is not an option. psychics

Wouldn’t it be a good idea if the dead could set up social media profiles? What difference would that make to God, if He exists? They would still be dead and in their respective places, but a little bit more amused and, in addition, those of us who are still alive and remember them, could bring ourselves up to date on the whereabouts of our dead friends. After so many years, we would break the ice with polite questions such as ‘How’s life?’, ‘How’s death?’, and then we would cut the small talk and have a more meaningful conversation, sharing details of our existences. psychics

I can understand that he wouldn’t want to upload his photo. Ghosts are not very attractive. Cinema has given them a bad reputation. But this would happen only at the beginning, until those modern seances would become popular. Very soon nobody would think it strange to have dead friends on Facebook. It would be a common practice. Normal is always a question of frequency and quantity. What is abundant and frequent, is usually very normal. However, what is scarce and occasional is considered strange. psychicsNo trace pf my dead friend on the Internet. With my words I will make him be born again. After all, the Bible, such a famous, serious and reliable book, says that ‘Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us’ so isn’t writing a way to ‘re-create’, that is to say, create again,  a dead person? And a lot cheaper than all that paraphernalia Victor Frankenstein used when he created his monster. What is more, you don’t need thunder storms with all those blinding rays of light, such deafening electrical apparatus.



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