Forever young and, if there has to be an end, I want to be assumed into Heaven

youngI don’t want to get old. I bravely fight against the erosion of time, even though I know it is a lost cause, hence my obsession with all kind of aesthetic treatments to help me keep in good condition the corporal legacy that genetics and luck were so kind as to pass to me.

Old things horrify me. Remember my obsessive-compulsive disorder that makes me throw away everything I consider shabby.

There is nothing anyone could ever say to convince me that old age is beautiful. NOT FOR ME! I want to be forever Young, I wish my skin always had a healthy and youthful appearance, eternally frozen in the hight of my freshness.young

May gravity make an exception with me and may not pull my jowls too down with its obstinate cruelty.

As an incorrigible addict, I am always looking for new aesthetic treatments to put a stop to the inexorable decrepitude whose shadow scares me so much.

I DON’T WANT TO BE AN OLD WOMAN! I continuously anguish over the mirror. I look up and down my face every morning searching for some rebel expression lines that Vistabel and Restylane have not been able to hide. I have no sooner stepped outside my doctor’s consulting room when I have tachycardia and my pulse accelerates thinking about the next self-inflicted torment I will happily endure.

youngWhy do I suck my own life out of me? Because I was born this way. Years ago, when I was younger, I didn’t have this obsession, as it is understandable. I used to have others. As time goes by I change and so do my obsessions and compulsions. Hurray for variety! So I never get bored, let alone  my poor family. Fine mess I have got them into! I am sorry!young

I neither want to die. I mean, to die as most people do: a disease or an accident. I want to be assumed body and soul into heavenly glory, like the Virgin Mary (Has her perpetual virginity something to do with the assuption thing? I hope not) I wish a choir of little angels take me up to Paradise with Botox recently injected into my frown lines. youngTHAT WOULD BE GREAT! The very thought of it calms my nerves and makes the long and tedious working hours pass more quickly.



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