Animals do go to Heaven!

A long time ago, in a Catholic girls’ school (a galaxy apart), I asked my latin and literatura teacher, who in his youth had been a seminarian, if animals went to Heaven. He said they didn’t. “Animals –he told me- don’t have a soul like human beings (WHATTTTTTTT? I short-circuited inmediately after that answer).

I was ten years old then. “Their souls –the sage went on- which are of an inferior Rank, ANNIHILATE when they die. Ten years old and you still don’t know what the verb ANNIHILATE means! Shame on you! Stand in the dunce’s corner!

Serves me right! Hurrah for adapted vocabulary to various age groups! Since then I have never forgotten that bizarre word. It fell on me like a brick and I wished I had limited myself to noun syntagmas.

Is it possible that somebody in his right mind could swallow such nonsense? The Roman Catholic Church, always with its bunch of hokum, has been denying our pets entrance to Heaven since forever.Well, I can assure you that I myself will run away from Heaven if I don’t find my cat and dog there!

Look at these pictures: this is my dog, that is my cat.


Just looking into these cute creatures’ eyes, so very dear to my heart, and I can tell you the truth: animals (not bad beasts, and of course no great white sharks at all. To hell with them all!) not only do have top souls, but it also happens, when animals die and their bodies disappear, that their souls are catapulted to Heaven right away, having a seat at the right hand of the Father.


While waiting for their masters to come, they will receive proper care by a team of  highly qualified angels, former experts on  Zoology and Veterinary Medicine, captained by Dr. Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, the eminent naturalist.


Why The Catholic Church is so small-minded  with regard to blatancies like that? Answer: because a lot of its members seem to be oligophrenics.

I, who proclaim myself skeptical to the bone, always showing a question mark on my forehead, strongly believe that God (if He/She exists, and I hope that is the case) adores animals. Could God be God if he didn´t? Absolutely NOT. One of the essential requirements to be God, I don’t know if you already have this piece of information (just in case somebody is interested in the job) is to care for animals. I myself meet this requirement completely, although I obviously lack other merits for such a high position. I may write to apply for the post of cherub.blog0031

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