An egg, I beg!

eggHow I like to eat a French omelet for breakfast! A two-egg omelet, because I don’t want to overdose on them, but if it were up to me I would prepare it with, at least, a whole six pack of egg. 100% organic and extra large. I want happy hens, living like queens, wandering freely outdoors and eating the hen version of our most exquisite delicatessen. Hormone- and antibiotic-free.

And how come you remove the yolks and use only the whites? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I used to do that in the past, YUCK!, frightened by negative physicians. I want whole eggs, so yummy, so soft, so swift! A nice fluffy yellow omelet with its light brown crispy edge, so mouth-watering!egg

I really love them. Today l can confirm gladly that I have always been right: you shouldn’t listen to those mean-spirited people who conduct such a massive smear campaign against eggs, branding them as the cause of increased blood cholesterol levels.

Listen up! The oldest woman in the world, that so-called Emma Morano (who wasn’t Chinese, but Italian) died not long ago (in April),  born 29 November, 1899, USED TO EAT THREE EGGS A DAY, two of them raw. I am sure that her longevity is closely related to this oval food. And also praised, at least by the one who is writing this post, who never gets tired of eating them. But of course, I always apply heat to my food. Crudivorism for ruminants, with those powerful four-parted stomachs.

eggI like everything about eggs: the taste, the texture, the color they have, they are so easy and quickly to cook, so digestible (if you don’t add too much fat).

I want to be an exceptionally long-lived person, I want to live to live over a hundred. An aunt of my father’s did live to be a hundred. So I have possibilities. Besides, with all these cosmetic procedures I usually have (and the future ones not already invented), I’ll take a wild guess and say that I still have quite a few years ahead of me without resembling a sultana.. I’d rather die than live with a parchment-like face. The good thing about death is that it stops ageing. It is the most effective treatment, although extreme. And cheap as well, unless you go to the Netherlands and have euthanasia performed. In this case, fork out the dough!egg

The bird that lays the biggest egg is the “camel sparrow”, that is to say, Struthio camelus, the scientific name for ostrich. If I eat an ostrich egg omelet every day, beginning today, will I live to be as old as Mathusalem?



Can architect Mies van der Rohe’s motto, “Less is more,” be applied to this situation? Reduce something to a minimum. In that case, I would be better off eating hummingbird eggs. But, oh dear readers, this is not going to be so easy! Here comes another architect, Robert Venturi, and says No way! Less is bore. I have no choice but to take the ostrich egg. However, I agree more with Aristotle’s golden mean: moral virtue is a mean between two extremes. So, I go back to my hen eggs, the golden mean between ostrich eggs and hummingbird eggs.

Long live the egg!  Such precious elixir of long life and eternal youth!


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